LAB 4 - Buy Stop & Sell Stop

There are two types of market order. Before this, we were using Instant Order or also known as Instant Execution (I/O). Today we are going to use Pending Order (P/O) type for Buy Stop and Sell Stop.


1. Click New Order at the top of the panel.


 2. Then, at Type column, choose Pending Order.

3. At the Pending Order Type, choose Buy Stop.

4. at price put the current price(Magenta line) plus by (+0.0020)

 5. For Sell Stop, repeat step 1-2. Then, choose Sell Stop at Pending Order Type. at price, put the current price(Magenta line) minus by (-0.0020)

Set Stop Lost, Take Profit and Trailing Stop

1. Right click on column S/L Buy Stop, then click Modify Order

2. At stop loss, minus 50 from price. Take Profit, add 50 from price.

3. Repeat step 1 for Sell Stop. Then for stop loss add 50 from price and take profit minus 50 from price.

4. Buy Stop and Sell Stop have the same step to set Trailing Stop. Right click on Profit column of Buy Stop or Sell Stop > Trailing Stop > 15 points.

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